LABRAINS face cream has won silver at European Skincare Award!

LABRAINS face cream has won silver at European Skincare Award!

LABRAINS face cream “Dermatreat skin regenerating cream” has won silver in the category “Problem Skin” at the twelfth annual Free From Skincare Awards.

The Europe-wide Awards were founded to encourage and reward manufacturers of skincare products that are ‘free from’ many of the allergens, preservatives, additives and fragrances associated with skin sensitivities, allergies, and ethical, environmental and health concerns.

LABRAINS Dermatreat regenerating cream was made for sensitive and irritated skin. The activity of its special composition with a lower pH and a unique combination of ingredients effortlessly reaches even the deepest layer of the epidermis, promoting the balance of fatty acids and immune responses therein and maintains the necessary moisture levels, thus helping the skin to regenerate naturally and quickly to the very surface layer of the epidermis. It effectively reduces dryness, flaking, dullness and other signs of irritated skin.

The announcements were made online on Tuesday 13th June, and followed a long judging process which included a rigorous month-long assessment by four experienced cosmetic testers, and concluded with round-table expert judging sessions, held in May.

For the full set of results, see the Awards’ website at


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