Mosquito bites

Mosquito bites

It is very important to take care of the skin thoroughly and carefully – you must avoid cosmetics and cleansing agents that contain synthesised chemicals, because their irritating effect is not always directly observable, these substances can increase allergic reactions in the future, have an accumulative effect (unfavourable manifestations can occur only at a certain amount of substances accumulated in the body), destroy the protective barrier of the skin or promote inflammatory processes in the long term. Of course, there is no one-fits-all product that is suitable for all skin types and for every season, however, finding a 100% natural cosmetic product that works for you will reduce these types of long-term risks many times over. The skin should be cleansed with gentle means, or all kinds of natural cleansers – oils, milks, gels and micellar water, and make sure that they do not contain sulphates (all substances in the name of which you can find various derivatives of "sulphate" – for instance, sodium lauryl sulphate, sodium coco sulphate etc.). Sulphates are the ones that reduce the protective barrier of the skin and irritate it by forming microcracks, thus making the skin more susceptible to various environmental irritants, to which the reactions of healthy skin would not be so intense, for example, the itching after a mosquito bite will not be too unbearable or long-lasting, as well as redness so pronounced and persistent.

It should be remembered that tolerant skin is best created in the season when irritants are not so strong and various symptoms are not too pronounced, because in the acute period the greatest desire is to quickly eliminate the adverse skin reaction in order to reduce itching, acne, dry spots, etc., however, quick and effective agents work in the opposite way, i.e. they neither strengthen the skin's protective barrier nor reduce chemical pollution in the body, but specifically act on the corresponding receptors, reducing the body's natural protective reaction as a whole. In order to prevent the need for such products, the skin must be moisturised with 100% natural products (link to the blog on unwanted substances in cosmetics, or the preamble, which LABRAINS cosmetics does not contain- Labrains | News&Blog) – milks, balms, creams, as this ensures the health of the skin in general and its ability to perform its protective functions, and you must also remember sunscreens (link to blog with SPF filters- Labrains | News&Blog) that contain 100% only physical filters, namely Ti02 and/or ZnO. For truly well-groomed skin, the symptoms of itching and the possible skin damage associated with it will manifest themselves less. The itchy area should not be scratched, in order not to tear the protective layers of the skin even more and not to cause more damage, the prevention of which will require various anti-inflammatory substances, which will only intensify the itching – the skin must initially be soothed. LABRAINS recommends applying Oil-to-milk on the itchy area without rinsing, the fatty acids included in its composition with the rejuvenating effect of the ceramide layer not only restore the skin, but also reduce friction when scratching, thus reducing the possibility of significantly tearing it.

LABRAINS have tested various anti-itch preparations to relieve itching, but it should be noted that many preparations contain artificially synthesised substances that are used as preservatives and solvents, whereas natural remedies contain alcohol and essential oils, which do not strengthen the protective barrier of sensitive skin. Many trials have been done using ice, mint tea, lemon water, which pleasantly relieves immediate itching (especially frozen mint, lemon tea cubes), however, for those who have an allergic reaction, the itching does not go away within 4 hours and the bitten area continues to itch for several days, these techniques may not produce the desired result. In the LABRAINS test group, it has been observed that LABRAINS micellar water, thanks to beet sugar-betaine, which acts as a skin moisturiser, is a prebiotic for the beneficial bacteria, thanks to the Lactobacillu ferment - if applied to the skin after a bite with a cotton pad, it successfully reduces redness, swelling and itching within an hour if applied to the skin with a cotton pad after a bite, and stabilises the protective function of the skin during the day, preventing it from overreacting to the irritant, that is, preventing the formation of long-term allergic inflammation. However, it should be noted that one of the youngest members of the LABRAINS test group – a boy of the age of 6 – determined that the best remedy for itching is love!

LABRAIN cautions: “When the protective function of the skin is disturbed, the damaged area becomes an open door for various stressors and pathogens that promote infection. If such has begun and serious skin damage is observed, you should seek help from a specialist. Likewise, in all cases where the itch does not go away within a couple of days by using anti-itch or anti-allergic agents and the temperature rises or skin inflammation begins, you should immediately see the doctor."

LABRAINS specialists offer to evaluate the composition of your anti-itch products for free by sending it to LABRAINS info e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS. Let's determine the presence of irritating, artificially synthesised, endocrine system affecting or even carcinogenic substances in it – remember that dermatological tests on products used on the skin do not assess the possibility of oncology or other serious diseases. The impact on the development of such diseases is mostly observed clinically only after decades.

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