Shop over 75 EUR and receive our CLEANSEA shower gel as a gift!

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Our creams and serums are packaged in vacuum pump bottles with changeable internal cartridges. When used up, keep the external bottle container and simply refill it by changing the internal cartridge. Go green and save money.

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We use science and technology to provide you with the products that are most EFFECTIVE, SAFE and NATURAL. So all you need to do is apply the tender morning freshness of the northern mires and wetlands on your skin.

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You can finally have your anti-age cream that also treats rosacea symptoms – 2 in 1! Unlike most natural cosmetics, our products acknowledge problematic skin as a common enough problem you need a complex solution.

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We value each and every customer, therefore we have created a Customer Loyalty program where all customers are automatically included from the very first purchase. Benefits of the program - attractive discounts, special gifts, seminars about skincare and more. We will keep you informed!

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Our special offers

A special gift for your woman

Night restoration architect cream+ Renovation Sculptor serum+ Renovation Sculptor cream
119.35 217.00
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Magic set for sensitive and rosacea-affected skin

Rosacea & strike back cream 50ml + Uoga Ioga powder No 632, 8g
61.10 94.00
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Night restoration Architect cream

Skin restore & anti-age
54.40 68.00
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Renovation Sculptor cream

Firming and rejuvenating anti-wrinkle
56.00 70.00
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Renovation Sculptor serum

Intense anti-age treatment & Natural skin filler
40.00 50.00
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Nordic mud facial cleanser

Moisturising & anti-pollution
20.00 25.00
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Rosacea intense care serum

Irritation calming & anti-redness
39.20 49.00
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Acne intense care serum

Skin rash neutralising & soothing
28.60 44.00
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Rosacea & acne care cream

Moisturising & anti-redness
32.00 64.00
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Rosacea & strike back cream

Firming & anti-redness
52.80 66.00
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Anti-age special offer

Night restoration architect cream + Renovation Sculptor serum
70.80 118.00
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Magic set for sensitive and rosacea-affected skin

Rosacea & strike back cream 50ml + Uoga Ioga powder No 631, 8g
61.10 94.00
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