Do you have red vascular lines on your face?

Do you have red vascular lines on your face?

Sometimes the skin is very thin, and the vascular network is not associated with rosacea. However, you should check whether this problem needs to be addressed. Rosacea, often referred to as couperosis among beauticians, is quite common in many people in both mild and severe forms and is affected by many factors - genetics, nutrition, stress, insomnia, weather, ultraviolet radiation (UVS), wind, humidity, overheating and drastic changes in temperature, strenuous exercise, alcohol (especially red wine), hot drinks, spicy foods. The true cause of rosacea is still not fully known, but it is considered to be the result of a combination of different factors. The skin becomes sensitive, reddened, sometimes burning, itching and other unpleasant sensations. In case of exacerbations, pronounced inflammatory elements appear, over time the visible network of blood capillaries on the face may expand (Telangiectasia) – couperosis and pimples may appear or even more severe - the tissues increase.

The appearance of a network of blood vessels or “asterisks indicates that there are primarily vascular problems and only then skin problems. Redness on the skin indicates blood circulatory problems in the skin. Vascular network can appear on the nose, cheeks, chin or even the forehead. In areas of couperosis, the skin may become not only red, which is a typical symptom of vascular damage, but also bluish, indicating problems with the venous system. To strengthen blood vessels, LABRAINS recommends eating foods high in vitamin C, which has a very beneficial effect and strengthens the walls of blood vessels, as well as helps to better preserve collagen and elastin in the skin. It is also necessary to think about nutrition so that its effect on the vascular system is as favourable as possible - unsaturated fatty acids (fish, vegetable oils, avocados, etc.) should be used.

If the vascular network intensifies and becomes permanent, couperosis indicates that the vascular endothelium is inflamed, and symptoms of erythema are already beginning to appear. In this case, be sure to see a doctor. However, the sooner you start rosacea treatment, the easier it will be to control its symptoms. Often in very symptomatic cases, when the skin barrier is weakened, treatment and restoration of the skin condition can take more than a year.

Couperose affected skin is very sensitive and easily permeable to various substances, consequently it does not fully perform its protective function, so it is necessary to think very carefully about how to restore its function more effectively and how it is affected by the substances we use in our daily skin hygiene and care.

Couperose affected skin is very fragile and vulnerable. Superficial blood vessels are very sensitive to any mechanical (skin massage, excessive washing or rubbing) and chemical stress. Therefore, any cosmetic product applied to such problematic skin should be evaluated and applied gently. The following are several precautions that should NOT be followed for couperosis:

  • the cosmetics used must not be abrasive (scrubs);
  • the skin must not be mechanically injured;
  • the cosmetic product must not contain strong fragrances and essential oils;
  • its application must not involve active massage or rubbing.


The above actions may cause swelling of the upper layers of the skin. When caring for couperose affected skin, soothing and light (non-stretching) facial cleansing and application products should be performed, sharp temperature changes should be avoided (wash with lukewarm water, each time gently wiping the face with a clean cotton towel). Peeling cosmetics with a mild alpha-hydroxyl acid (AHA) composition should be used and should have a controlled release mechanism. LABRAINS facial peeling mask contains only AHAs, which are embedded in the hydrogel, from which they are gradually released, thus eliminating the peak load, while intensively moisturizing the skin.

What do LABRAINS recommend and offer for couperose affected skin?

First of all, we offer cosmetics that do not contain inflammatory irritants, thus causing minimal stress to the skin, and this is essential for an already irritated skin. Secondly, LABRAINS cosmetics help to restore the skin's protective barrier and its balance with a microbiota (a set of microorganisms on the skin), which is an essential basic activity to effectively reduce skin irritation in the next stage; just like with soil – before we want to grow carrots in it, it needs to be watered, set up properly and rid of everything superfluous. Thirdly, LABRAINS cosmetics do not contain preservatives and provide protection for the skin, which is especially important because couperose affected skin is more permeable and more susceptible to various pathogens - pollution, radiation and microorganisms.

Couperose affected skin needs maintenance - it should be cared for gently during the asymptomatic period to create a strong protective barrier and higher tolerance, as well as during the season when the disease worsens or stress conditions increase. There are five main things you can do: cleanse, soothe, moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin. LABRAINS products will help you take care of rosacea or couperose affected skin on a daily basis, as it contains the necessary ingredients to make your skin get everything it needs and feel good. Carefully researched and as gentle as possible, valuable cosmetic raw materials for skin health, which have proven their effectiveness in dermatological tests and are often obtained from medicinal plants of the Baltic climate zone with innovative extraction active and anti-inflammatory or rejuvenating substances, will be able to gently care for and reduce couperose affected skin problems. . LABRAINS has created excellent, skin-invigorating, revitalizing and efficient cosmetics.

Although many customers (mostly ladies with a daily routine) have significantly reduced redness of the facial skin by choosing REDRESS line products, LABRAINS for couperose or even rosacea affected skin initially recommends (especially if there have been previous treatments that dried out the skin, or in case of increased stress and overload conditions) the deeply moisturizing, soothing, skin rejuvenating and cleansing products from RESISTAGE and CLEANSEA lines. Once the skin is properly prepared, it is recommended to start its redness reduction program with REDRESS line products.

The daily necessary maintenance for couperose affected skin is provided by juniper stem cell extract, rhizobia resin, cranberry and other active substances included in the LABRAINS formulations in various cosmetic products - serums, creams, masks. The greatest value lies in the core composition of these products - LABRAINS can 100% explain the safety and gentleness of each included ingredient for skin rejuvenation and long-term beauty.

Step one  - we recommend choosing products from the sensitive skin line:

Step two - you should choose a product routine based on your age and the condition of your facial skin:

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