Winter elixir: the science of ceramides! Who are they?

Winter elixir: the science of ceramides! Who are they?

In the dance of winter winds and falling snowflakes, our skin faces a silent battle against the season's harsh elements. Picture this: you step out into the crisp winter air, feeling the gentle sting on your cheeks. Your skin, a brave warrior, battles the cold, but beneath the surface, it craves a shield – a winter elixir, if you will.

Enter ceramides, the unsung heroes of skincare. Imagine them as the cozy, protective blanket your skin yearns for during the frosty months. As winter whispers tales of dryness and the loss of your skin's natural glow, ceramides step onto the stage, ready to script a story of resilience, hydration, and a radiant complexion.


Understanding ceramides

Ceramides, vax-like lipid molecules, belong to the group of lipids or fats, constituting two primary components of our skin cell membranes. Naturally present in the human skin, their levels decrease with age, essentially halting production by the age of 40(1).


Why ceramides matter?

Ceramides are fundamental for maintaining healthy skin for individuals of all genders and skin types, benefiting everyone regardless of skin issues.


Crucial role in winter skincare!

Winter presents challenges as harsh weather conditions strip the skin of its natural moisture. Ceramides are key in reinforcing the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss, and shielding against environmental aggressors (2). Using skincare products rich in ceramides during this season is essential to combat dryness, flakiness, and maintain a supple complexion.

In the chilling embrace of winter, our skin faces a formidable adversary – a significant reduction in ceramide levels, as depicted by a graph illustrating the seasonal influence on ceramide levels in human skin (Graph Source: A.V. Rawlings, Skin Barrier, 2006). Ceramides, vital lipid molecules for skin health, serve as the skin's natural defenders, forming a protective barrier against harsh elements. During winter, this protective shield weakens, leaving the skin more susceptible to dryness and external stressors.



Graph Source: A.V. Rawlings, Skin Barrier (2006), "Sources and role of stratum corneum hydration," 399-425.


Importance of occlusive ingredients and skin lipid ratio

Be mindful, especially if you have dry or aged skin, of the occlusive ingredients in your moisturizer, such as natural occlusives like lanolin or synthetic ones like petrolatum and dimethicone, as well as potential microplastics (e.g., acrylates). When these are combined with ceramides in a product, it’s important to check if the skin lipid ratio of 3:1:1 for ceramides, free fatty acids, and cholesterol is maintained. Without this balance, the product might lead to a disrupted skin barrier, potentially causing increased dependency on these products and exacerbating skin problems over time(4).


What are the benefits of ceramides for the skin barrier?

Moisture retention: Prevents moisture loss, keeping the skin hydrated, plump, and supple.

Protective layer: Forms a barrier shielding the skin from dehydration and external environmental damage.

Anti-aging: Promotes anti-aging by keeping the skin moist and supple(3).


Skin care product with ceramides

As we unravel the secrets of ceramides and their indispensable role in winter skincare, the next step in your journey to a healthier complexion involves embracing skincare products infused with these lipid heroes. LABRAINS, committed to the science of skincare, offers a range of products enriched with ceramides to address diverse skin needs.

We, LABRAINS team, truly care about how your skin feels, and as a team of chemists, we understand what works well for the skin and for overall health in a sustainable and long-lasting way. Therefore, LABRAINS offers a range of skincare products enriched with ceramides to address various skin needs:


  1. Oil-to-Milk facial cleanser
  2. Renovation Sculptor cream
  3. Night Restoration Architect cream
  4. ABC Deep Nourishing cream
  5. DERMATREAT Skin regenerating cream
  6. BB cream (all three shades)


As the winter season is in full swing, LABRAINS invites you to embrace skincare products infused with ceramides. By incorporating these nourishing products into your daily routine, you provide your skin with the care it deserves, effectively combating the challenges posed by the cold and dry weather. Discover the secret to a healthier, more resilient complexion with LABRAINS, ensuring your skin stays hydrated, supple, and protected throughout the winter months.


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