We give you a gift of the taste of Latvia!

We give you a gift of the taste of Latvia!

We know that our customers love excellence in everything from cosmetics to the foods they use. That is why, in cooperation with "Manas Garšas", we have prepared a particularly aromatic surprise for you.

When purchasing any LABRAINS cosmetics for a total of at least 100 EUR, we will give each customer a high-quality mix of seasonal herbs and spices.

Imagine and feel it – a mix of aromatic vegetables and dried herbs with Indian black pepper, wild garlic, roasted onions and a classic mix of vegetables and herbs. The mixture does not contain artificial flavour enhancers!

"Manas Garšas" is a company created in Latvia that offers high quality and mostly biologically certified products.

The offer is valid from November 7, 2022 till December 31, 2022!

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