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Green beauty and science



Rosacea & Strike Back cream for rosacea-affected skin with a rejuvenating effect



Green is not just a colour, it's confidence!









How do LABRAINS products differ from other cosmetic products?



Where does LABRAINS get ingredients for their products?



Does age matter when choosing natural cosmetics?



Which LABRAINS products would you recommend for pore reduction?



How can you change LABRAINS cream inner part and why should you do it?



Should you use SPF in the winter?



Can LABRAINS creams and serums be used in the eye area?



What is hyperpigmentation and how does it occur?



How is pH formed and why is it important to balance it?



What does collagen do and what can we do to make it more efficient?



How long does it take to figure out if the chosen facial cream is suitable for you or not?



What is a microbiome?



How to properly care for oily skin with acne?



What is rosacea and how to treat it properly?



What is atopic dermatitis and how can I know if I have it?



What to consider when choosing facial care cosmetics?


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