Exhibition “2022 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna"

Exhibition “2022 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna"

With new impressions and contacts, we have returned from the international exhibition "2022 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna" in Bologna, Italy. It is a real pleasure that LABRAINS BB cream was praised and, among the greats of the global cosmetics industry, has reached the finals as the most innovative product.

These days, we have received countless compliments and appraisals for both the LABRAINS packaging design and the sustainability solution. But it was an even greater pleasure to be recognised by the industry professionals who especially acclaimed the composition of LABRAINS products, as our goal is long-term health of the skin! When creating our products, we primarily think about their composition.

As mentioned above, out of 600 different cosmetic products submitted to the competition of the international exhibition "2022 Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna", LABRAINS BB cream made it to the competition finals!

This was our second big exhibition, and for the second time already we reached the finals. Formerly in Malmö, Sweden, with Rosacea & Strike Back face cream for rosacea-affected skin with rejuvenating effect, and now – in Bologna, Italy, with BB cream.

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