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We are an eco-cosmetics brand based in Latvia that offers innovative, environmentally friendly, high-quality skincare products.

We created our brand to help people affected by different skin conditions such as rosacea, acne and dermatitis. The core purpose of our endeavours is to improve the overall health of the skin and revitalise it so it can fight back against mentioned skin conditions.

We truly believe that what we have created goes a long way toward being the cure.

We were determined to design a product that would improve all layers of the skin and enhance its natural biochemical processes. We turned to the natural world for inspiration and engaged in a long process of in-depth research. With time, we developed a principled and pragmatic approach to designing our products - innovative in the selection of active ingredients and conservative in the product structure. Our products harness the genius of nature using innovative biotechnologies to protect your skin from external triggers, such as pollution, UV radiation, visible light, and daily environmental stressors. Moreover, they are designed not only to ensure better health for your skin, they also improve the quality of your life by solving other problems consequent to mentioned skin conditions.

This is a bold promise and we are here to deliver!

Our team

The LABRAINS team is a wonderful part of our story. It brings together knowledgeable professionals: chemical technologists, marketing and quality managers. Within the framework of our research working group, there are three specialists who have obtained a doctoral degree and five specialists with a master's degree. Our team is characterized not only by a passion for science, nature and cosmetics, but also more than fifteen years of total work experience in the cosmetics industry.