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Our philosophy


We offer effective products for all forms of beauty, skin types and ages. Especially focused on products for problematic skin, we created a powerful yet eco-friendly skincare line to relieve the symptoms of redness, tenderness, and all types of rosacea, acne and dermatitis. On top of that, we also have created an effective anti-age skincare line by deeply considering the needs of aging skin. 

From the very beginning, our vision was to develop a top-notch, truly effective products made in the most sustainable way possible and available at a fair and affordable price. Having succeeded, we proudly declare that LABRAINS is much more than just a green beauty brand. 

For us, science is beauty and beauty is science.


Our philosophy is one of sustainability that includes caring for humanity and for the heritage left to us by those who came before - be it environmental or cultural - so that we may pass it on intact to our future generations. We view both science and nature as authentic channels of creativity and aim to reveal the sustainability behind beauty.

We have invested a great deal of effort into defining our philosophy and adhering to it as we developed our remarkable cosmetics, so we can say reliably and without hesitation that understanding the advantages and consequences of harnessing the power of nature's treasures for the benefit of our customers requires innovative, scientific thinking and deep respect for the natural world. This mindset has allowed us to establish a clear, sustainable path for connecting beauty with a greater sense of wellbeing. 

This is our tribute to all those who care, not only for their own health and beauty but also for sustaining the means they use to achieve these advantages (blessings).

We have created a unique intersection of nature, science, and beauty by studying the insights of outstanding minds regarding the outward expression of internal processes.


Our skin reveals our level of health - both physical and emotional. We want this idea to rub off on you. After all, we believe this is our responsibility.

A great deal of work is now behind us but there is still so much more to achieve as we cultivate and nurture this project. We are growing together - with our business partners, our spouses and our children, and with you! 

So, we thank you for this wonderful opportunity to create something new and meaningful in the world.


We always believed that everything we need for our survival and well-being depends on our natural environment, either directly or indirectly. The concept of sustainability has emerged as the result of well-founded concerns about the unintended social and environmental consequences of rapid population increase, unbridled economic growth, and the overconsumption of our natural resources.

The ingredients we use are of natural origin, chosen from the dramatic effects provided. We show our respectful appreciation of the Nordic plants that make the creation of our products possible by obtaining the necessary extracts and essences through a sustainable, green manufacturing process that satisfies our ethical imperative to create our products from eco-friendly components.

We purchase our ingredients from responsible suppliers only, ensuring sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain. We know that the best marketing is honesty. For this reason, we are completely sure that our products will speak for themselves - leaving a good impression on our customers. 

Our business philosophy is to give our customers the most suitable product of the highest standards to improve their life quality now and in the future.