Dermatological research

We invite our customers to apply for participation in dermatological tests, which will be intended for the following skincare lines:

  • YOUNGDALI for young people;
  • Anti-acne;
  • Dermatitis;
  • For rosacea.


Please note that when applying for a dermatological test, it should be taken into account that you will need to invest time (including filling in the questionnaire, free consultations and assessment of your skin condition, etc.)! On our part, cooperation with specialists and doctors in the specific field will be provided, and supervision of professional doctors will be ensured during the entire test.

If you are interested, please contact us electronically by writing to In the e-mail, please indicate which dermatological test you want to apply for.

The start of dermatological tests is planned for the beginning of 2021 when the minimum number of participants in the groups will be identified. We will inform you about the exact start times of the test by contacting each participant individually.




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