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Article: Microbiome balance - what is it? Why is it so important?

Microbiome balance - what is it? Why is it so important?

Mikrobiomas balanss – kas tas ir? Kāpēc tam ir tik liela nozīme?

We each have a unique skin microbiome that plays a huge role in the skin's immune processes. The more diverse and rich the microbiome – bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the surface of the skin – is, the healthier it is. The cause of various skin problems is not microorganisms, but the imbalance of their diversity - "bad" and "useful" bacteria. In addition, the gut microbiome also plays an important role in skin health.

An imbalance occurs when the skin's microbiome weakens and is no longer able to fight "bad" bacteria. This can happen when we are exposed to various internal and external stressors.

The skin microbiome can be negatively affected by:

  • excessive skin washing;
  • use of alkaline soaps with a high pH (above 7);
  • long-term use of antibacterial soaps and disinfectants*;
  • aggressive chemicals in cosmetics and household cleaning and detergents.

*Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have started using hand sanitizers a lot. Unfortunately, they break down the lipid barrier of the skin and kill all bacteria, both good and bad, which can cause various infections. In addition, it can damage not only the skin of the hands, but also the nails. A person can settle into, for example, chronic eczema, which is difficult to cure.

We recommend using LABRAINS facial skin cleansing gel with sappropel as an alternative to soap for frequent hand washing. The gel quickly neutralizes the pH level of the skin and strengthens its microbiome.

On the other hand, for those who like to rinse their facial skin with water after every wash, in order to restore the skin's pH level and improve its protective barrier, we recommend LABRAINS micellar water.


Unhealthy diet is the enemy of microbiotics

The appearance and health of the skin is also largely determined by the state of our gut microbiome. Therefore, the diet we use, including medications, is also of great importance. For example, antibiotics, antacids used to treat heartburn, cholesterol-lowering drugs, and statins used to treat heart disease disrupt the balance of the microbiome.

The good news is that the intestinal microflora is capable of adapting and changing. In one week, up to 20% of the intestinal microflora can be completely replaced. For example, if you change your diet, in which high levels of sugar, a lot of bad fats, and complex carbohydrates are unfavorable for immunity, it will worsen the condition of the intestinal microflora and lower immunity. As soon as you include more fibers, whole grains, sour milk, fermented products, probiotic substances in your diet, your intestines will also be able to function more normally. Therefore, we recommend that those who have dry and sensitive skin, who have various skin allergies, atopic dermatitis, rosacea and other skin diseases think about their lifestyle and diet. For example, rosacea does not like tomatoes, wine, cranberry juice, spicy foods, heating in a sauna.   

Following a healthy lifestyle - being physically active, spending more time in the fresh air, in nature, choosing a suitable diet and also cosmetics that do not harm the skin - do not provoke inflammation, protect from stress caused by the daily rush, pollution of the external environment and other irritations, the skin will be beautiful, healthy and radiant.

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