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Article: What does excessive sun exposure do to your skin?

What does excessive sun exposure do to your skin?

Ko pārmērīga sauļošanās nodara tavai ādai?

As much as we love the sun, excessive sun exposure is a major factor in premature skin aging, or so-called photoaging. UV radiation causes up to 80% of premature skin aging symptoms (1) . The skin loses collagen and elastin much faster, which give youthful skin its volume, it gradually begins to sag, fine lines and wrinkles appear prematurely. Under the influence of harmful UV rays, the skin is less able to attract and retain the moisture it needs, so it becomes dry. Skin pigmentation problems also occur as a result of photoaging. On the other hand, for skin affected by rosacea or couperose UV rays are one of the main provoking factors that guarantee the aggravation of the disease (2) . The sun's harmful rays promote the growth of new capillaries in the skin and the expansion of existing ones. Therefore, it is a misconception that the sun helps heal inflamed skin. You have to choose - either a tan and then a network of blood vessels on the face, or healthy skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use sun protection filters all year round for couperose skin. In winter, the desired protection index is SPF 30, and in summer - SPF 50 (3) . The product must indicate that the product has broad-spectrum protection, that is, it protects against both UVB and UVA rays. It should be noted that products with a sun protection factor of SPF 50 also allow some radiation to pass through, so a tan develops, only it is uniform and without a distinct pigment. Nowadays, decorative cosmetics are also available, which contain sun protection filters. In addition, tonal products owners of couperose skin are not recommended to use, it is better to choose BB creams, for example LABRAINS natural BB cream. 

Although at first it seems that the sun improves the skin affected by dermatitis and rosacea, this opinion is wrong - the sun is much more dangerous for the skin than wind and cold. Of course, it is difficult to avoid the sun, but with the right protective products, we can limit the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin. Solar radiation not only has a harmful effect on blood vessels, accelerates the aging of the skin, but also contributes to the appearance of various unfavorable formations on the skin - papillomas, warts and even skin cancer (4).


Take note!

All sunscreens work for a limited time. Therefore, they must be renewed regularly to ensure effective protection. Sunscreens containing chemical filters should be renewed more often, but products containing mineral protective filters (TiO2 and ZnO), work as long as they are on the skin because they reflect light, blocking the sun's effects. Those must be reapplied even if the package says it's waterproof. First, after swimming, dry the skin with a towel and then apply sunscreen.

Sunscreens with physical filters work immediately, so they can be applied right before going out in the sun, while chemical filters are recommended to be applied 20-30 minutes before going outside.



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