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Article: What is a rosacea?

What is a rosacea?

What is rosacea?

In this blog post, we will look at current information about rosacea:








The right choice of natural cosmetics is important - reddened facial skin can also look much better!

Rosacea is a disease that is determined by both heredity and external conditions. It most often manifests itself as reddened, even red facial skin. It is also called - couperose facial skin, because the redness is caused by expanded blood vessels located close to the skin's surface. But not always couperose facial skin means that rosacea has started.

Recent years of research confirm that those rosacea patients who use natural facial skin care products after medical laser therapy procedures have a 36% improvement, while those who use artificially synthesized ones have only 12% improvement. Therefore, you should choose only natural cosmetics for the care of flushed, red facial skin.

Natural cosmetics are very effective in reducing the symptoms of rosacea!

LABRAINS natural cosmetics series a REDRESS a r of Northern Wetland Plant Actives is specially formulated to help restore and improve rosacea-affected areas characterized by dry, reddened, couperose, red facial skin, acne, as well as signs of facial skin aging.


Rosacea is a chronic inflammation of the skin, which most often appears as redness on the cheeks, forehead and chin. If rosacea is detected and treated in time and if appropriate natural cosmetics are used, the skin condition improves. If the above actions are not performed, the redness of couperose skin becomes permanent and the condition of the facial skin generally worsens. Whether facial redness, even red facial skin, is a manifestation of rosacea, only a dermatologist can tell for sure.

Rosacea can manifest itself in different ways. The unifying factor is red skin in some area of ​​the face.

Rosacea can also have other symptoms:

  • Oh no;
  • rashes;
  • flaky, rough skin;
  • dry and red eyes, sensitivity, swollen, inflamed eyelids.


  • The most common type of rosacea (approximately 80%) – dilated blood vessels are visible on the face, and the skin is red or cuprous. It is erythematotelangiectatic form of rosacea .
  • If the skin of the face is not only red, but also shows both pink and white rashes, which may be accompanied by swelling, it is papulo-pustular form of rosacea.
  • If, at the same time as red or couperose facial skin, there is marked redness of the eyes, burning, irritation, watery eyes, maybe also swelling of the eyelids and visible dilated blood vessels in the whites of the eyes - it is form of ocular rosacea . It is more often observed in women.
  • If the sebaceous glands of the skin increase simultaneously with the formation of red facial skin, the skin thickens, its surface becomes rough and uneven, it is phymatous rosacea . In 99% of cases, it is observed in men and on the nose. Then the nose increases significantly.

Rosacea affects 5-20% of the world's population. The common feature of the two most common forms of the disease is redness in the central part of the face, which can be accompanied by inflammatory rashes, acne.

Mostly, the symptoms of rosacea appear after the age of 30, but the disease can start even earlier. Recent research shows that both women and men get sick equally often. And everyone wants to know how to get rid of red face skin.

With the help of this test, it is determined whether a flushed, red, cuprous facial skin indicates that rosacea may have started.

Dermatologists use different technologies to accurately diagnose rosacea. VISIA SKY is the newest generation device for studying the condition of the skin. It provides a complete assessment of skin texture, pores, facial lines and wrinkles, pigmentation spots, skin redness and determines skin type, which is important when choosing natural facial care products.


If you have flushed, red, bumpy skin on your face, it can be best soothed by natural cosmetics specifically designed to reduce the symptoms of rosacea. Rosacea is aggravated by improper facial skin care - abrasive procedures, scrubs and inappropriate artificially synthesized cosmetics.

If the facial skin is irritated all the time, it suffers from the consequences of:

  • dilated blood vessels – couperose facial skin;
  • edema;
  • sores;
  • Oh no;
  • splashing.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the skin may show signs of aging prematurely .

6 important principles for the care of skin affected by rosacea

  1. Gentle cleansing of the facial skin . The skin of the face must be cleansed in the morning and in the evening. Cleaning is necessary not only to remove dirt, but also to reduce the amount of harmful microorganisms on the skin. In the evening, you should clean your face with at least two natural cosmetic products. We recommend using LABRAINS gel, milk or foam of natural origin, followed by LABRAINS micellar water. The gel removes grease and dirt well. Be sure to choose cleaning agents without soap and alcohol, they must not contain abrasive particles. If the cleanser is used together with water, the skin should be cleaned with gentle circular movements without rubbing the skin. Then gently dry the skin with a towel. At this moment, it is necessary to balance the dry particles of the skin, to stabilize the pH balance of the skin, which LABRAINS micellar water can help to do. In the morning, use only micellar water to cleanse your face to reduce the amount of microorganisms that have accumulated on the skin overnight.
  2. Moisturization of facial skin. The most important aspect is the consistency of the natural cosmetic moisturizer – the product should be light, but at the same time sufficiently covering, as it should restore and maintain a healthy protective barrier of the skin, which has been damaged due to rosacea. Otherwise, any substance from the external environment can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and irritate it. In order for the moisturizing face cream to provide an anti-inflammatory effect, it must penetrate deep into the skin. First of all, LABRAINS serum should be applied on cleansed skin, the active substances of which are able to reach the deepest layers of the dermis and participate in the processes that determine skin health. In colder weather, it is recommended to use both the serum and afterwards the LABRAINS rosacea face cream or anti-rosacea cream. It is impossible to include everything necessary for the care of skin affected by rosacea in one natural cosmetic product. The periods when you should use both the serum and the cream should be felt by observing the condition of the skin as the weather conditions and lifestyle change.
  3. Natural peeling mask . It is recommended to use the LABRAINS peeling mask once every two weeks. Otherwise, the ducts of the sebaceous glands slowly close and the natural anti-inflammatory substances contained in the serum and cream do not reach the deeper layers of the skin. LABRAINS peeling mask is gentler than other masks that contain vegetable hydroxy acids. LABRAINS peeling is suitable for skin affected by rosacea, because it does not contain abrasive particles, but also no substance that could irritate the skin. If you keep this mask on your cleansed facial skin for more than 10 minutes, you won't feel anything. However, examining the skin with a derma microscope shows that the ducts of the sebaceous glands have opened.
  4. Exactly the right skin care product . Since the skin may also have acne or signs of aging at the same time as the symptoms of rosacea, the face cream should be chosen in such a way that it is suitable both for the skin affected by rosacea and also for the individual needs of the skin.
  5. A protective agent against the sun's UV radiation. Since serious facial skin the irritant is the sun UV radiation, when walking in the sun you must use a product that protects against UVE and UVA radiation. Its desired protection index – 30 SPF. The product must state that it also protects against UVA rays and this protection is at least 1/3 of the value of the cream. For example, a protective cream with SPF 30, UVA protection must be at least 10. Due to rosacea, it is better to choose protective creams with a physical filter that reflects UV radiation by dispersing it. Products with chemical filters are not recommended in case of rosacea, as they usually contain zinc and titanium oxide, which can cause skin irritation. It is still necessary to see whether the composition of the product does not contain silicone particles that mechanically block the pores. They can aggravate skin inflammation.
  6. Natural cosmetics without fragrances . In the case of rosacea, light consistency natural cosmetic creams against rosacea without fragrances are the most suitable. The anti-rosacea cream may have a yellow or green pigment added to it, which visually masks the redness. If you additionally use a cosmetic product that masks redness, it is important that it is a water-based product, easy to apply and not water-resistant. Long-lasting toners are difficult to remove in the evening, but mechanical friction can aggravate the inflammation.


 Choose natural cosmetics that do not contain irritating substances!


Northern plants are under a lot of stress during their growing season, so they contain a lot of biologically active substances that help them survive. Research shows that the substances in the cream against rosacea effectively help to improve the condition of the skin in the case of rosacea and other skin problems.

All LABRAINS natural cosmetics contain northern plants that grow in wetlands that are still intact in Latvia. Of course, it is necessary not only to choose the plants correctly, but also to combine them correctly, to obtain valuable components from them, to ensure their maximum purity, which is offered by all LABRAINS natural cosmetic products for rosacea reduction.


LABRAINS natural cosmetics contain active substances obtained from juniper berries. They have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.


Heredity causes a network of dilated blood vessels to appear on the face near the top layer of the skin, called couperose facial skin. Redness is accompanied by other signs of inflammation. This happens because the immune system does not work quite as it should.

Studies show that this disease is inherited in 15-40% of cases. If one of the first-degree relatives has rosacea and redness of the facial skin appears around the age of 30, you should definitely go to a dermatologist. At the same time, it is recommended to start paying attention to facial skin care and your lifestyle.

Rosacea exacerbated by external and internal factors that add up during life:

  • excessive stress;
  • solar ultraviolet radiation;
  • inappropriate facial care products and procedures;
  • spicy, irritating, hot foods and drinks;
  • alcohol;
  • heat, cold, wind;
  • hot sauna and bath;
  • incorrect bacterial composition in the intestinal tract;
  • wrong neurology .

Princess Diana also suffered from rosacea, Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger and other divas suffer. Until recently, it was believed that a typical portrait of a rosacea patient is: a woman over 30 years of age, with light skin color. However, the fact that women seek help more often does not mean that men do not suffer from rosacea. Also known to the public gentlemen Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Bill Clinton and others have pronounced symptoms of rosacea.


In moments of exacerbation of rosacea, you should consult a doctor and try to change some daily habits. You should definitely start using natural facial cosmetics. To make it easier to understand what causes rosacea exacerbation in addition to inappropriate cosmetics, it is recommended to write a diary.

Every day it is advisable to write down:

  • how strong is the redness of the skin;
  • what were the weather conditions (sunny or cloudy, or windy, hot or cold, air humidity);
  • what foods and drinks were consumed;
  • whether and what kind of exercise has been done;
  • whether there has been emotional stress;
  • did you manage to follow it in facial care? everyone recommendations ;
  • what medications were used, what procedures were performed.

During periods of exacerbation, taking notes for about two weeks usually succeeds in identifying the irritants that have the strongest effect.

What can be done to reduce the exacerbation of rosacea?

  • Dermatologists recommend laser therapy and, in some cases, medications to reduce inflammation. With laser procedures, it is possible to improve the microcirculatory system for some time, after the procedures, complaints about the symptoms of rosacea decrease, and the appearance of the skin improves. In order for the improvements to remain in the long term, it is preferable to use natural cosmetics after the procedure.
  • You should look for methods that reduce tension. Psychotherapy helps to reduce independent anxiety.
  • Habits that aggravate rosacea symptoms should be changed.

Surveys show that rosacea sufferers themselves believe that their rosacea exacerbation is caused by:

  • solar UV radiation (81%),
  • excessive stress (79%),
  • excessive physical exertion,
  • inappropriate facial skin care products,
  • heat, wind, cold,
  • certain foods, alcohol.



Due to rosacea, it is not recommended to eat anything hot and sharp, as well as anything red: cherries, tomatoes, cranberries, eggplants, etc.

The presence of any artificially synthesized substance in cosmetics, on the skin or in the diet can cause an exacerbation of rosacea. In any overheating situation, the body tries to cool itself down, which physiologically means that the blood vessels expand. By following a few simple principles, the quality of life improves.

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