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Ziemas eliksīrs: keramīdu zinātne! Kas tie ir?

Elixir of Winter: The Science of Ceramides! What are those?

Understanding about ceramics Ceramides, wax-like lipid molecules, belong to a group of lipids or fats that make up the two main components of our skin's cell membranes. Tie dboth are present in th...

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Mikroplastmasa: uz sejas un tās ietekme uz cilvēka veselību

Microplastics: on the face and its impact on human health

People often think that microplastics used in cosmetics are small plastic balls - for aesthetic, massage or scrubbing purposes. However, this is not the case, because mostly microplastics in cosme...

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Zilās gaismas ietekme uz cilvēka ādu!

Effects of blue light on human skin!

Since our daily lives are connected to digital devices - smartphones, computers and LED TVs, there is more and more talk about blue light, or HEV (High Energy Visible light) emitted by these dev...

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Ko pārmērīga sauļošanās nodara tavai ādai?

What does excessive sun exposure do to your skin?

As much as we love the sun, excessive sun exposure is a major factor in premature skin aging, or so-called photoaging. UV radiation causes up to 80% of premature skin aging symptoms (1) . The sk...

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Odu kodumi

Mosquito bites

It is very important to take care of the skin carefully and gently - you must avoid cosmetics and cleaning products that contain synthetic chemicals, because their irritating effect is not...

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Soļi, kurus būtu vērts ievērot, lai iegūtu vislabākos rezultātus!

Steps worth following for best results!

“We urge you not to rely on beauty propaganda, which suggests that if you put cream on your face in the evening, you will wake up several years younger in the morning! Unfortunately, this is not ev...

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Mikrobiomas balanss – kas tas ir? Kāpēc tam ir tik liela nozīme?

Microbiome balance - what is it? Why is it so important?

We each have a unique skin microbiome that plays a huge role in the skin's immune processes. The more diverse and rich the microbiome – bacteria, fungi and viruses that live on the surface of th...

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Kaitīgas vielas kosmētikas produktos – kā atpazīt?

Harmful substances in cosmetic products - how to recognize?

Nowadays, people suffering from allergies, contact dermatitis and other diseases are more and more common. Most people don't even realize that it can be caused by the cosmetics they use on a dai...

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Jums mēdz būt sarkani vaigi vai sarkans deguns?

Do you tend to have red cheeks or a red nose?

Feeling uncomfortable and it prevents you from feeling good and comfortable? Unfortunately it is quite a frequent phenomenon for many people in both mild and severe form and it is affected by ma...

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Kas ir rozācija?

What is a rosacea?

In this blog post, we will look at current information about rosacea: WHAT IS ROSACIA? WHAT DOES ROSACIA LOOK LIKE? HOW TO CARE FOR ROSACIA - RED SKIN? NORTHERN WETLANDS TO MITIGATE R...

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