For HER and HIM – Valentine's Day Special!!

For HER and HIM – Valentine's Day Special!!

For HER and HIM – only on this holiday we offer a special Valentine's Day gift set with a 30% discount! We believe in love and everything beautiful, true and natural. So, in celebration of love, together with the wonderful Dana from Wildspirit and her husband Daumants, we are giving you two types of gift sets, where each of you will find something suitable for you.


The special offer discount applies to the following gift sets:

  1. Facial cleansing gel with sapropel + moisturising shower gel. This specially designed holiday set includes a moisturising facial wash with organic sapropel from Nordic freshwater lake mud and a moisturising shower gel.
  2. Renovation Sculptor day cream for facial skin renewal + moisturising shower gel. This holiday set includes a rich, delicately scented and deeply moisturising face cream in a specially designed packaging and a moisturising shower gel.

These sets are already with 5% discount. You are a few steps away from receiving the remaining -25%, which will make a total of -30% as indicated in this offer.

Take the following steps and get the remaining -25% for the gift set:

  1. Put one of the promotional gift sets in the basket
  2. Go to the "Shopping cart" section
  3. Under "Shopping cart" look for the "Discount code" section
  4. Enter the discount code LABVALENTINS and press "Apply". The system will automatically apply an additional 25% discount to the purchase.


Percentage: 25%

Promotion period/ code validity period: 30.01.2023 - 15.02.2023.

The promotion is active on the LABRAINS website and in the Wolt delivery application!


Renovation Sculptor cream for facial skin rejuvenation is intended for all skin types as a day cream. The cream formula is designed to provide excellent protection for the skin and its microbiota, as well as improve the skin's natural defences and reduce the effects of daily and climatic stress.

It has a fast-acting formula with a wrinkle-smoothing face and décolleté lifting effect, which also reduces skin dryness, roughness and itching. The ideal balance of free fatty acids in combination with an effective and innovative fusion of natural ingredients includes moss extract, hyaluronic acid complex and plant stem cells. Its powerful biomechanism improves the firmness of the skin and gives the face a well-groomed, youthful appearance with an excellent light-reflecting effect. On the other hand, design packaging can be reused to store jewellery or other special things.

Facial skin cleansing gel with sapropel – a unique, intensively moisturising facial wash with organic sapropelic mud from the of Nordic freshwater lakes, which effectively cleanses the skin and gently removes make-up – intended for all skin types. Natural ingredients are exquisitely encapsulated in an innovative solution that simultaneously attracts water molecules, removes grease and structures them into organic metal compounds for easier rinsing. The skin is freed from all excess and maintains its original level of moisture. The scientifically developed composition protects against premature ageing caused by urban air pollution and invigorates the skin with an fresh dose of natural energy.

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