The same, but even better!


The same, but even better!

The same, but even better! Rosacea Intense Care serum for skin affected by rosacea – from orange to green.

Just as a person learns and develops throughout their life to become even better, LABRAINS is also about innovation and development! We are committed to becoming even better, not only ourselves, but also our products. Keeping up with the latest innovations and science, we've made the rosacea serum even better by changing just two of its ingredients.

Rosacea Intense Care serum contains a chlorophyll (green pigment) complex extracted from the alfalfa plant. As a result, the serum is quickly absorbed into the skin, this complex provides skin hydration, and the green shade visually masks the redness of the facial skin. On the other hand, the added turmeric extract, which is a plant of the ginger family, is a real “antioxidant bomb”, and it evens out the skin tone and makes it more radiant.

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