The "Hud & Kosmetik" exhibition in Sweden

The "Hud & Kosmetik" exhibition in Sweden

From September 8 to 9, the LABRAINS team attended the "Hud & Kosmetik" exhibition in Sweden. As LABRAINS ladies who participated in the exhibition admit, this was one of the most successful exhibitions in terms of making new contacts and promoting further cooperation.

As we previously reported, this exhibition is one of the most anticipated events of the year for all those working in the beauty industry. "Hud & Kosmetik" is organised by SHR, the Swedish National Association for Skin Therapists, and is intended for industry professionals.

The participants of the show exhibit only professional products designed for professional use, such as dermatologists, beauticians, make-up artists, hand and foot therapists, masseurs, eyelash stylists, etc.

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