Why Northern Dragonhead stem cell extract?

Why Northern Dragonhead stem cell extract?

Stem cell cultures of Northern Dragonhead are powerful producers of biologically active compounds. Specifically tailored cell cultivation and extraction methodology allow us to leverage the full potential of this Nordic botanical treasure. 


  • antioxidants with beneficial biological activities;
  • anti-inflammatory, anti-collagenase, anti-tyrosinase properties;
  • contains vitamins B5 and B6, that are well-known to play role in skin health;
  • protects collagen from degradation;
  • downregulates expression of collagen degrading;
  • promotes skin cell proliferation and stimulates metabolic activity of skin cells, enhancing their ability to replicate over time;
  • inhibits melanin production, with skin lightening activity.


Products containing Northern Dragonhead stem cell extract:


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